Japanese Cosmo Facelift

A holistic natural face-lift and alternative to botox

No need for toxins, needles or knives.  

-- The Sorensensistem™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a combination of different Facial Reflexology techniques to affect the face from within as well as from without. It is a natural, painless, relaxing and non-surgical face lifting method developed by internationally renowned reflexologist, from Barcelona, Lone Sorensen. 

The Salt Cave is proud to have in house certified Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting therapists. Trained and certified personally by Lone Sorensen.

How does it work?

The face reflects the body and the state of health. By working and stimulating certain acupressure points and reflex areas and by deeply working the facial muscles and the continuous lymphatic drainage, which is a key point in the treatment, it is possible to improve the facial appearance.

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

Oxygenates and detoxifies the tissues

Stimulates facial nerves

Stimulates and tones facial muscles

Improves the blood flow to the skin and muscles

Stimulates the release of endorphins (natural pain killers and happy hormone) and serotonin (regulates sleep, relates to depression among others)

Undo + prevent premature aging

Refresh your face due to stress, illness, lack of sleep…

Japanese Cosmo Facelift is beneficial despite your age and state of facial aging.

“Japanese Cosmo Lifting is one of the best, non-invasive ways to rejuvenate your face and look years younger, naturally. As you age, your facial tissues slow down the production of collagen and this results in the skin losing its plumpness and elasticity”.  ~Lone Sorensen

Our Recommended Treatment Plan: 

To gain maximum benefit from the treatment an intensive course of 12 treatment is recommended. 1 Session per week for 12 weeks. To maintain, 1 session every 6 weeks.

Package of 12 sessions which includes salt therapy in our private cave. - Investment 1500.00

Treatment lasts 60 minutes.  

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The Salt Cave is proud to have in house certified Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting therapists. Request your treatment today!