About Our Caves

How Can I Benefit from Salt Therapy?


Visiting us to relax and breathe the refreshing Salty air is not the only positive impact of Salt Therapy...

Most adults & children are receiving incredible holistic drug free benefits by implementing Salt Therapy into their lives.

Improvements can be found in the following areas of trouble:

  • Asthma
  • Eczema /psoriasis
  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Allergies (hay fever, seasonal)
  • Bronchitis, Croup
  • Common colds, coughs, viral infections
  • Snoring, sleep apnea/sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Depression/lethargy/seasonal depression disorder/ postpartum
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Sinusitis
  • COPD
  • Acne
  • Post surgical healing
  • Muscle tension
  • Arthritis 
  • Ear infections
  • Pneumonia ( Acute stage) Smokers cough,Pharyngitis ,Rhinitis 
  • Tonsilitis

What is a Salt Cave? What is Halotherapy? What to Expect?


Simply put, Halotherapy is the use of salt vapor to alternatively treat multiple conditions. 

For centuries, monks used naturally-occurring salt caverns to treat respiratory ailments. Today, manmade Saltrooms recreate salt caverns, with one huge improvement over nature: in a Halotherapy room, a salt vapor machine pumps pharmaceutical grade dry aerosol salt vapor into the air, so you can breathe it deep into your lungs.


  • anti-bacterial
  • mucolytic (loosens mucus & phlegm)
  • anti-inflammatory 

Breathing salt vapor takes the healing properties of salt deep into the respiratory system – which explains why salt miners have always been so healthy!

Studies show that people with chronic upper respiratory conditions, airborne allergies, sinusitis, and cystic fibrosis derive significant benefits from Halotherapy.

More than 40 years of research, conducted around the world, shows that treatment with Halotherapy has beneficial effects. 45 minutes in a salt cave will have you feeling like you have spent a day at the beach! Your skin will even glow too! Offers many benefits for health, wellness, and even BEAUTY!


Our salt caves consist of nearly 5,000 lbs of Pink Himalayan Salt. The cave floors are even a bed of Pink Salt!

Relax and detox in a tranquil and beautiful environment in one of our zero gravity recliners. Pillows and blankets are also available for your added comfort. 

While chilling in the cave, meditative music plays as you escape from the everyday busy life. Our Halogenerator infuses the air with Pharmaceutical grade Therapeutic Salt. Each Session is 45 minutes long. See our hours and book right here from our website on the home page!



Whatever you are comfortable in! Come in cotton pants, pajamas, work attire or even jeans. Your clothing will not be affected by the salt mist. Plan your outfit according to your day - no stress!

Improve your mental, physical health + wellness with us!


Please stay tuned as we update our calendar with these very special offerings .....

The Salt Cave @ Doylestown + Newtown is proud to offer:




Singing Bowls



Sound Therapy

Essential Oils 


Children's Story time

and more!

Also schedule your next girls night, bridal party event, networking meeting, or corporate think tank with us!